Thursday, 17 June 2010

Beach Bag

After wanting a sewing machine for absolutely ages and not been able to afford one I got a bargain on Ebay. The Janome arrived and i could not wait to go out and buy some material and give my new toy a whirl! What to make?? I really didn't want to start off with a big project until I got used to the machine and tuned up my long lost skills with a machine. I learned to sew on a very old treadle Singer Machine and really got into it when my mother, who was a tailoress all her life bought an industrial machine....that machine was faaaaast!


I went to my local market and bought some off cuts, all of £1 each a few bobbins of cotton, a new pair of scissors and i was ready to create something stunningly wonderful lol

After trying out the machine and learning what it could and could not do the final result was.....................
Da Darrrrr!!!

I couldn't make my mind up whether to make a bag or a a new cushion lol

I love the colours!

The little appliqué flower didn't turn out exactly as I thought it would but hey ho! I've never done it before. It was really supposed to go over where the handles are attached to the bag to hide the stitching but the fabric was far too thick for my machine and I didn't was to risk breaking the needle.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Sunflower Sofaghan

I saw this pattern and it inspired me to make my daughter one. I changed the pattern around a bit as i always do. It's very bright and cheerful and i love it.

Made with a 4.00mm hook and dk yarn it took about 4 or 5 weeks to make. I sewed the squars together because i get a little confused when trying to crochet them together.

I know sewing the squares can be a bit of a pain but I did 2 squares at a time then sewed them together. The result is quite neat I thought.

I know my daughter will love love as Sunflowers are very special to my family.

I wanted a petal edge to compliment the rest of the blanket and really wanted to do it in the 4 colours but I did not have enough of the green or the rust colour.