Monday, 29 March 2010

Easy Peasy Pom Pom

A long time ago my grandmother taught me to make a pom pom with a dinner fork. I've used this method many times because it's super quick and there's no messing about cutting up cardboard etc. I used a sharp knife to cut down the sides of the pom pom but you could use scissors.

Step 1, Wind wool tightly around the fork, making sure that you try and keep away from the end of the prongs. Obviously the more wool/yarn you use the fatter the pom pom will be.

Leave a long tail and using a tapestry needle wind the wool/yard around the middle going between the prongs in the middle of the fork.

Using a sharp knife or scissors, cut down each side of the fork. Pull gently off the fork and fluff up, trim if needed.

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